Mayweather-Cotto round-by-round recaps

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WBA super welterweight Title fight
Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Coto (c)
Round 1
Interesting to note that Mayweather’s posse includes 50 Cent, Justin Bieber and wrestler Triple-H. Cotto pushing Mayweather from the start. Mayweather quickly establishes his defensive rhythm and is flicking out the jab from his trademark shoulder roll. Mayweather popping out the jab and moving around the ring well. They clinch up a couple of times and Mayweather’s the one to land on the separation. Mayweather looking very comfortable early on, picking his punches and dictating the fight.
10-9 Mayweather
Round 2
Mayweather lands a couple of right hands to the body at the start. Cotto lunges forward, Mayweather clinches up and Cotto picks him up off his feet. Mayweather able to dart in with punches at will. Cotto is looking noticeably slower than Mayweather. Mayweather trapped on the ropes and is forced to exchange punches with his opponent. Quickly gets off the ropes and resumes making Cotto miss by ducking and diving. I think we’ve seen this fight many times before.
20-18 Mayweather
Round 3
This is all Mayweather at the moment with his speed advantage and defensive skills just denying Cotto any opportunity to mount any offense let alone make the fight competitive. There was a surreal example of Mayweather’s defensive skills when Cotto had Money trapped on the ropes and he Mayweather was still able to evade almost every single punch. Mayweather looks fast and composed, with his unorthodox right hand leads proving as effective as usual.
30-27 Mayweather
Round 4
This is as big as mismatch as critics of the match feared when it was made with Mayweather just having the eerie ability to make Cotto miss. Cotto is throwing the big punches but Mayweather is just a genius at keeping himself out of harm’s way. Mayweather also landed the best offensive punches, including a right hand and a uppercut that similarly hurt Cotto.
40-36 Mayweather
Round 5
Mayweather is taunting Cotto, repeatedly refuses to avoid being trapped on the ropes so he can demonstrate how easily he fight off the ropes without being caught with a punch. Worse he’s starting to win the inside exchanges thanks to his pinpoint accuracy. Cotto does land a punch up against the ropes toward the end but Mayweather’s rarely tested chin is equal to it. This is pure domination.
50-45 Mayweather
Round 6
Better for Cotto at the beginning as he connects with a punch at the start of the round, that ultimately bloodies Mayweather’s nose. Mayweather however is still moving around the ring well and can land punches on Cotto almost at will.
60-54 Mayweather
Round 7
Mayweather works the jab at the beginning of the round, seemingly happy to work from behind his five-inch reach advantage after toying with his opponent on the inside in previous rounds. This must be so frustrating for Cotto who is doing nothing wrong but just cannot get close enough or move fast enough to land on Mayweather. With seven rounds down it looks like Cotto has nothing to offer against Mayweather.
70-63 Mayweather
Round 8
Mayweather seems determined to connect with meaningful punches on the inside, allowing Cotto to trap him on the ropes for over two minutes and unload numerous punches but the champion barely landed anything. Indeed Mayweather’s counterpunches were probably cleaner. However such was the territorial advantage he ceded to Cotto that it probably was the Puerto Rican’s.
79-73 Mayweather
Round 9
These games on the inside really aren’t doing Mayweather any favors, he’d be much advised to go back to what he did in the seventh where he fought behind the jab. Cotto is getting busier and bolder with the encouragement of his inside exchanges with Mayweather and the rounds are scrappy enough that they could be given to either fighter depending on whether Cotto’s low connection percentage is being noticed by the judges. I think Mayweather did enough this round to take the round but he’s making it closer than it needs to be.
89-82 Mayweather
Round 10
Another round for Floyd Mayweather although he’s not moving around the ring as freely as you’d expect. Its good to see him be willing to fight up close but its not a strategy that plays to his strength. The fact that he’s doing so well with such bad gameplanning is testament to his innate skills.
99-91 Mayweather
Round 11
The action has slowed with Cotto in particularly seeming to tire. Mayweather continues to let the fight drift around the ring rather than impose himself on the vital question of where the fight takes place, so creating a misleading impression that Cotto’s offense is more effective than it really is. He does however fight from distance towards the end of the round to put the stamp of authority on his performance necessary to ensure he takes the honors.
109-100 Mayweather
Round 12
Miguel Cotto needs a knockout on my scorecards to win this, although I am aware that mine are more lopsided to Mayweather than others. Cotto pushing the action as he seeks a strong performance to end the fight but its Mayweather that takes the final round and comes closest to getting the finish when he hurts Cotto with a couple of uppercuts midways through the round. Cotto manages to survive and see out the final bell.
I have it 119-110 to Mayweather just because for so many of the rounds where Cotto was on the offense he just wasn’t landing anywhere near to enough.
The three judges agree with the scores being 117-111, 117-111 and 118-110 for the new WBA and WBC diamond light middleweight champion Floyd Mayweather.