Brendan Rodgers meets Jamie Carragher: Leicester defence, Jamie Vardy form, James Maddison style and more

what is the secret to the mean defence of leicester? why is jamie vardy currently starring this year? and which liverpool participant is james maddison currently beginning to resemble in brendan rodgers eyes?
the foxes, who climbed into second with a gigantic win over watford, boast the premier leagues top scorer at 14-goal jamie vardy, also at the other end have surrendered just nine goals – the top in the league.
ahead of a super sunday conflict with aston villa, leicester boss rodgers – who signed up a fresh five-and-a-half-year deal at the king power on friday – sat with jamie carragher in the sky sports william hill match zone to discuss strategies and lift the lid.
i have always wanted my groups to press but particularly if i went up to celtic, we chose the chance to actually look at the larger group [responsibility] in order to ensure youre compact. i wanted my staff to press so for me among the first things you do is speak to the gamers, basically, about how on the game is pressed by you.
one of the biggest things i have focused on is that the distance of the players. i always wanted my groups to press up the pitch but the pitch is only as long four so theres a true accent for me being really tight and shutting the space.
clearly wilf [ndidi] pushes himself but what is absolutely key is these men [the defenders]. what i have inside these is a goalkeeper who are class plus really a back four. they are young but they possess the physicality. jonny [evans] has experience that is big and hes the brain in it; he knows i wish to get the job done. there has been a whole lot of work with them in the game and in sessions to receive the pitch to be shortened by them.
i speak about compactness when we havent got the ball but also compactness whenever you have the ball so that you can definitely go and suffocate the game. ive got players with this intuition now which will go and do it ipress on the match and actuallyve got pace in the players that can. i have got players with no ego, they really wish to work and enjoy working
for a whole lot of my profession, ive played that single pivot and 2 advanced ones. both maddison and tielemans were celebrated no 10s but that i dont play with no 10 unless i place in a diamond like we did at liverpool. these guysve energy to press the games and roles have shifted in the sport, also. you dont have to become a participant that really smashes individuals. for me personally, its so long as they block and can intercept.
everybody will appear at james inventive side but concerning interceptions, blocks and winning back the ball, he is in exactly the exact same kind of bracket as jordan henderson. we are aware that jordan is fantastic at that side of the match and james has really improved his game . that is the message we are trying to ship to themif you wish to play in central midfield and function as founders, that is absolutely amazing – but you must have the ability to press the game.
for such a young player, he has no ego and does all the dirty work.
he recalls the game he can playwith. he is that defense for the midfield players along with those centre-halves. concerning agility and defensive side, he is very good and we all ask him to do is play with things.
is he a large part of our defensive listing? absolutely. nevertheless, its in the group. jamie [vardy] sets up the press at the very top end of the pitch and everyone is synchronised behind this as a way to press.
if you think back to liverpool, once i came in, luis [suarez] played up there with andy carroll so he spent a great deal of time running the sides up and around. it had been about getting him a striker, then at times playing daniel [sturridge] off him or raheem [sterling] nevertheless retain him more centralised and then hes at the box longer, hell have more chances and hell score more goals.
with jamie, it had been the same. he is such an honest player that in case you ask him to press against on the back , he can take action, but we dont want him to conduct more than anybody else but when he does, we want it to be at rate. ive always felt that when teams have been against him thats he is a true danger up front because he is aggressive with his press and then when you have the ball, then the one thing youre fearful of as a defender is speed and this man is as fast as ive seen over ten yards whom ive worked with. hes that volatile speed.
when we had been in the summer months – out when he was measured four or five decades back in pre-season and his numbers now – performing the identical battery of tests, he was really faster. when you take a look at some of the teams, like liverpool, theyre excellent in possession and working it, but they could play deep and go in. could we add other aspects of it, although what i wanted to do was lose that, it is a big strength of the? if you didnt tell jamie, since he is such a team player, he would be back in a place helping his group. but up him there offers us this choice of if we would like to play.
he even so smart, he instills hazard. he waits in the region and when it is on, he can proceed and press it. he does not need to worry about pressing the entire back , he is conserving his energy, because the players need to conserve their power. that is the variety you want the capacity to perform deep and play that pass and his pace and speed gives you the opportunity, in your team.
he provides any team great confidence. you know he doesnt require many opportunities whenever you have a striker with that ability. one of the best sides have it, which score, and he has guys behind him that will serve him. maddison is incredible on that through-pass, as is youri; they could produce that pass through teams around them.
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