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Gleaned from the seeds of the hemp plant, hemp oil is a type of vegetable oil which you may use for preparing and cooking foods. It is a non-drug sort of the hemp plant, unlike marijuana, which can be from the hemp plant. Additionally, it may have health benefits, making it worth adding to a healthful eating plan.
One tablespoon of hemp oil contains 14 g of fat, of which only 1 g is saturated.

This low saturated fat content is a primary advantage of using hemp oil in place of animal fats such as lard and butter. Maintaining your intake of saturated fat to less than 7% of your total caloric intake is one way to decrease your risk of high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, notes the American Heart Association. Hemp oil also contains fatty acids that can help lessen your best cbd oil chance of cardiovascular disease, based on a 2014 article printed in the "Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. "
Hemp oil contains all of the essential amino acids, based on a 2000 article printed in the "Journal of Nutraceuticals, Functional and Medicinal Foods. " Essential amino acids help keep the proteins in our bodies, which may avoid muscle loss. Hemp oil delivers small amounts of minerals and vitamins, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, folate and vitamins B-6 and E.
The fatty acids in hemp oil offer certain health advantages.

For example, the oil contains sitosterol, which may help lower cholesterol. " Hemp oil also contains a 3-to-1 ratio of omega-3 fatty acids into omega-6 fatty acids, which may help decrease your chance of cancer, inflammation and blood clots, the "Journal of Nutraceuticals, Functional and Medicinal Foods" reports. Fatty acids also promote normal brain function.
The oil has a nutty taste that will enhance many recipes. Use it in the majority of foods or recipes that you would normally use olive oil . But, hemp oil loses quality and taste in case it’s heated to temperatures over 160 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s not appropriate for skillet, notes the publication "Hemp: Industrial Production and Uses. " Use hemp oil into saut veggies or to make homemade salad dressings.

Look for hemp oil at health food stores, and some large supermarkets also might carry hemp oil.